Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alvin Slaughter & Ahoskie - What a mix!

Alvin Slaughter has become a frequent guest in Ahoskie, North Carolina. He has appeared several times in the Ahoskie-based ministry, Carpenter's Shop Church. This time, Alvin's presence at the first Super Sunday Event was foundational in the outpouring of God's presence and power upon His people.

Known for his strong vocals, Alvin sang his way into the hearts of the 3000 plus crowd at Ahoskie's Amphitheater. Pictured here is the platform response of raised hands and all could sense the presence of God that made Super Sunday a success in the hearts of all who attended.

Alvin Slaughter is known for his investment into the lives of individuals who are often facing life's pressures and challenges. His music is intended to lift the spirit, encourage the downhearted, and inspire all who hear him. You can visit Alvin on the web for music information, calendar, and more at . Alvin Slaughter and Ahoskie, N.C. a great mix...anytime!

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