Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Preparing for Super Sunday!

Just a few tips or reminders for Ahoskie Super Sunday:

1) If your church has a bus or a van, please encourage them to utilize it. It will open up more space for parking. There will be a special lot for bus/van parking.

2) You may desire to bring your own lawn chair or "camp" chair. There will be seating available, but we welcome lawn chairs.

3) Arrive early! We suggest you begin arriving early. Pre-service ministry will begin at 2:15 PM. Service time is at 3:00 PM.

4) Bottled water will be available on site.

5) Portable bathrooms will be available.

6) Golf carts will be utilized to assist people in getting to the seating area if they have to park a long distance from seating.

7) A medical tent will be set up in case of emergencies that may occur.

8) If your church or organization has not committed financially and would like to do so, please encourage them to bring a check with them payable to Ahoskie Super Sunday.

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